Fun Ice Cream Cups and Spoons Make Tasty Treats Even Sweeter


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“Chocolate, vanilla, or twist?,” asked the teen working the counter at the Merry Dairy, a walk-up ice cream shop on the edge of town by the driving range.
“Twist,” I said excitedly and ran from the window.
When my father presented me with plain vanilla, I scrunched my face and looked up disapprovingly.
“They were out of chocolate,” my father said patiently.
I talked back. I stomped. I made a scene.
With patience I don’t have as a parent now myself, he said to me, “I can see this is upsetting to you. It’s not what you wanted, but they are out of chocolate, so it’s this dish or none.”
I didn’t get the message, and I started to cry.
My father took the untouched vanilla in the pattered cup and casually tossed it in the trash can.
“But I would have eaten it anyway,” I wailed.
I watched as my mom and dad both happily ate their ice cream before driving home. I did not forget this lesson. Any ice cream is superior to no ice cream. Any flavor is delicious and there will always be a next time. Ironically, vanilla remains the number one preferred flavor according to a recent survey of the International Ice Cream Association member companies. Sadly, my 7-year-old self didn’t see it that way.
This experience didn’t sour my love for ice cream and my household continues to be one of the 90% of U.S. households that regularly indulge in sweet, frozen treats both at home and at local shops.
Who doesn’t have a favorite ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato shop? Whether you like full fat, low fat or no fat, summer is the time for indulging in your favorite frozen treats. And boy do we. Research by the NPD Group show that 40% of all Americans will consume ice cream in a 2-week period. June is the busiest month for ice cream producers as they stock up for summer demand. About 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other cold desserts are produced each year. All that ice cream, yogurt and gelato needs to be served, and the popularity of toppings and mix-ins makes ice cream cups and dishes more in demand than ever before. Add to that colored spoons that are heat and cold sensitive and change colors, and you’ve got not only a tasty treat but an entire cold treat experience.
Every town both large and small has at least one locally owned seasonal or year-round ice cream shop. What better way to advertise your business than custom printed ice cream cups? Make the experience memorable and marketable with fun designs. And don’t forget the spoons. Fun colors to coordinate with cups or cold-sensitive plastic spoons only heighten the sweet experience.
Not a shop owner but have a special event? Companies that make paper cups and do specialty printing can design ice cream cups especially for your wedding, anniversary celebration, birthday party, family reunion, class reunion, school carnival or corporate party. A customized design shows your guests that you want to make their experience memorable classy, and most of all, fun. Large or small, every shop needs dessert supplies for eat in or carry out. Cups of varying sizes, tasting spoons, spoons, cups with or without lids. All of these customizable and color coordinated items make your shop stand out. Get more out of your summer season with a reliable vendor to meet all your needs.
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