What You Need to Do to Open a Successful Bakery


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Are you thinking about opening your own bakery? Maybe you are just starting out but know you have loved baking all of your life or you are a professional who has taken some baking classes and love the idea of owning your own business. Either way or even if you are doing it for other reasons, there can be a lot of success found in this world. Americans love to east baked goods. Here are some tips to opening that bakery you have lways dreamed of running.

Get your certifications. Taking those baking classes is not enough training to be considered a baker. You need several certifications to open this kind of business. They are:

Food Safety Certification: Anyone who prepares food or supervisors others who do is required to get this kind of certification. You need to take care of this before your bakery open. Every state has its own requirements for this certification so you need to check with your state Department of Health.

Site certification: Your backer itself needs to be viewed, inspected and approved by the Department of Health. They want to make sure it meets their codes for cleanliness, they will want to look at how food is being prepared and how it is served. They will want to see that you are using equipment and materials that inhibit the spread of any kind of food-borne illness. If they find your bakery is not meeting their requirements they may even contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This often results in your business being shut down at least temporarily.

This is not needed but is recommended, you should consider getting a Professional Baker Certification. You do not legally need to get this but it is a really good idea. No amount of baking classes can really prepare you for baking in a business. The Retail Bakers of America issue these. When you are working towards any kind of culinary certification, you receive training that will just improve your skills, give you great contacts and provide opportunities that you cannot get any other way but through the culinary education process. Also, having a certification like this makes your business more attractive to potential investors.

Develop a solid business plan. Even if you have gone through the best culinary programs in the world, you still need to have some business sense. Take some classes or get some advice from experts. Talk to the Small Business Administration, they have a lot of programs aimed at getting small businesses funded and help with the business end of running a business. If you can, you may want to bring on a business partner so you can focus on running the business side so you can focus on the baking.

Get your funding together. You should have enough to get you through between 18 and 24 months. It may be challenging to get loans and the like because while the food industry is big business in general, the act of opening any kind of food service business is challenging. New restaurants, eateries, bakeries, etc. open and close all of the time. That is why your business plan and savvy are so important. You need to show your bakery is viable.

Specialize in something. If you offer a little of everything, you are going to get great at nothing. Look around your town, is there a baked good, pastry or other delight that you do well and is not being offered anywhere else, great! If not, look for what your city or town does not have in terms of these things even if it is not the thing you do best. You wang to become THE place in town to get whatever delicacy you decide to go with.

Be good to your customers. You want loyal customers who tell their friends anc keep coming back. Good customer service is often hard to find and is appreciated.

Opening any kind of business is hard work. Culinary schools and baking classes can help prepare you for the food side of things but it takes more to open a successful bakery. You need drive, business sense and determination. You can make youru dream of running a successful bakery a reality.



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