Are You Looking for a Way to Serve Your Family the Finest and Healthiest Cuts of Meat?


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It is the tastiest post that you have seen all day.
Grass fed meat recipes are looking really good right now.
After scrolling through hundreds of posts that highlight recipes that focus on kale, quinoa, and other healthy trends, you find yourself longing for a good old fashioned medium rare steak. Raised in the heartland, you are still a fan of lots of healthy vegetables, but you have many days when you long for the taste of grass fed meat recipes, in addition to eating white meats like pork and chicken.
The fact is you can eat healthy and still enjoy your favorite grass fed meat recipes. With a plate that is 50% to 75% full of vegetables, fruits, and fibers, entrees like grass fed steaks and free range chicken can help the healthiest of eaters feel good about the meals that they serve themselves and their families.
Food Tastes Are Often the Result of Where You Live and Family Traditions
Most people will confess to having some very strong food memories:

  • Your grandmother used to can meat. It was a fairly complicated process and it involved a meat grinder, lots of time in the kitchen, and, you finally found out, some very low quality cuts of meat. The product would be reheated and home made egg noodles would be added. This mixture tasted the very best on top of home made, garden raised mashed potatoes. The dollop of real butter between the potatoes and the beef and noodles dod not hurt, either!
  • Family campfire meals that were individually created always tasted the best. For your part, you liked to add lots of onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes to whatever meat was offered that night. These foil packets would be tightly sealed and tossed on the coals and some how, through the magic of a family built fire, the results were always delicious. The fact that you had very few dishes to clean up and that you only had to eat the vegetable of your choosing made for a family camping favorite.
  • Local favorites where you grew up centered on seafood. From crawfish boils to shrimp etouffee, you always selected the most spicy cajun offerings. You enjoyed the chance to make sure that you fished out the firmest potatoes and at least one or two ears of corn from those tables that were covered with the steamy offering.

It is okay to admit that you have some pretty strong food memories from growing up, for family gatherings, and from regional food events. It is also okay, however, to admit that not all of those tasty food traditions were very healthy. As the nation looks to control the epidemic weight and health problems that plaque Americans, it should come as no surprise that many are trending toward more common sense menu choices. From wild caught Alaskan salmon to grass fed meat recipes, many parents are trying to introduce their children to a menu that is a combination of tasty family traditions and equally tasty organic food choices.
No family wants to completely erase the food of their ancestors or the regional food that are an important part of many cultures, but it is important to make sure that you limit some of the highest calorie and least healthy offerings. The fact that consumers around the country can access local meat farmers and the tastiest of free range pork and chicken means that in the same week a family menu can include a wide variety.
Many families are looking for ways to spend more quality time together and meals are one of the solutions. From cooking together to enjoying a long sit down meal, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters will always enjoy having a chance to relax and visit. For parents, however, the meal that is a healthy mix of green, leafy vegetables and the best cuts of meat just feel right. With a few family favorites mixed into the menu planning, a month’s worth of home cooked meals can still offer tradition, culture, taste, and healthy eating habits.
What do you have planned for dinner tonight? If you are serving a fairly high fat family favorite today, are you offering a healthy, lean meat tomorrow?
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