The Hidden Difficulties of Growing Micro Greens


Edible lavender flowers

There has been a recent food trend that is continually growing in popularity, better known as micro greens. These edible flowers have been around for around 20 to 30 years. What began with a few plants of organic micro greens have become popular edible plants for salads, appetizers, and entrees. Some have decided to take up growing organic micro greens within their home. Research shows that there are about 100 various types of garden flowers that are edible.

Unfortunately, growing these small plants can prove to be extremely difficult. It’s no wonder that many growers will eventually decide to buy micro greens that are already grown. People looking to grow organic micro greens should also know about the quality scale for this edible plant. Micro greens are rated on a scale from one to five, five being the best score. However, micro greens must reach a rating of three to even be considered for sale. In this post, you will learn about the hidden difficulties of trying to grow micro greens within your home.

  1. Optimal Moisture Levels: It is vital that micro greens have the right moisture levels. These edible flowers and plants are very small which can make watering a tricky job. If you do not water the micro greens well enough, they could become too weak to survive. However, too much water will mean that micro greens will not grow properly.
  2. Errors in Spreading Micro Greens: Another concern that comes with growing micro greens is spreading the seeds evenly. It takes a steady eye and a watchful eye to ensure that an optimal spread has occurred. It can prove tricky to try and achieve a perfect spread of organic micro green seeds. In most cases, growers of micro greens have spent much time perfecting their craft.
  3. Slow or No Germination Times: Seeds will usually take a few days to fully germinate. However, many beginning growers have run into cases where micro green seeds will not germinate. It is frustrating for a grower to have their micro seed growing come to such an abrupt end. Properly germinating seeds can be a difficult process which is another reason buying them can prove to be much easier.

In closing, there are many difficulties that can come with growing organic micro greens within the home. Watching to ensure that moisture levels are setup properly is going to be of the utmost concern. You will want to make sure that you are spreading your organic micro green seeds properly. Spreading these seeds is a process that requires a very steady hand and can prove to be difficult. Errors in the preparation of micro green seeds can also lead to slow or no germination occurring.

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