Craft Brews The Drink of the True Beer Connoisseur



If you love drinking craft beers, you may be interested in knowing more about them. There are 4 separate market segments that comprise this burgeoning industry:

  • Brewpubs
  • Microbreweries
  • Regional craft breweries
  • Contract brewing companies

Currently, 12% of the overall beer industry’s market share is represented by small and independent craft brewers. These account for 99% of the breweries that are currently in operation. You may also be interested to know just how many breweries there are in the United States:

  • Microbreweries: 2,397
  • Brewpubs: 1,650
  • Regional craft breweries: 178

The number of breweries actually increased 15% during 2015. This brought the total number of breweries for that year to 4,269. Why is this so important? Because it signifies the largest number of breweries in existence than at any other time in United States’ history. It’s clear that Americans love beer, and craft beer in particular.

Furthermore, market shares for this industry also increased by 21% during 2015. At that time, brewers throughout the United States produced 24.5 million barrels of craft beer with a retail value estimated at $22.3 billion. This, too, points to how this industry is burgeoning because it more than satisfies the discerning palates of beer connoisseurs.

Since you love different types of beer, you probably have several growlers filled with your favorite local brews. Chances are that you have also seen more than a few local beer lovers carrying growlers to fill up at their favorite local microbreweries or brewpubs.

Growler fills are a convenient and economical way to sate the tastebuds of craft beer lovers. Furthermore, beer drinkers make a positive contribution to the environment when they purchase these refillable containers. Craft-beer-filled growlers are also a great way to ensure that you have enough beer for your next get-together.

If you’re looking for a great way to introduce your friends and family to craft beers, you can purchase different types of beer and host your own tasting party. Just imagine their surprise when you set out flights of different brews and are able to discuss the flavor profiles and nuances of each one. Remember to make note of the alcohol content, too. In this way your tasting party will be illustrative as well as safe and fun.

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