Why Adding Micro Greens To Your Meal Can Make It More Appealing


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Do you like to do a lot of cooking in your kitchen? Do you tend to host dinner parties and events that include meals? Even if it is just a nice meal every once in awhile for your family, getting in the kitchen, cooking a meal, and plating a meal can be a fun activity. It does not take much effort to make a meal that will impress all your party guests and leave them wondering how you made such a delicious meal that not only tasted great but also looked appealing. From learning how to add organic micro greens, to edible flowers, to herb crystals, making your food look good and taste good can be a lot of fun.

Want to find out more about why adding everything from organic micro greens to edible flower petals can be not only nutritious but appetizing and appealing? Keep reading to learn why these additions are a norm in the upscale dining industry and how you can incorporate it when you are cooking.

You probably did not know this, but the way your food is plated and the type of food used on the plate can be more appealing at times. For instance, as a kid, you probably enjoyed having a variety of different colors on your plate. Statistics show that children prefer more diversity in color on a plate than adults do. To be exact, children are more likely to find a plate appetizing if it has seven food components and six colors of food. Adults expect a plate to have three different components and three different colors of food.

This is one reason that the way your food is plated is an actual art. Not just anyone can master the art of plating food in a way that can be appealing to a wide variety of people. This explains why people are often willing to pay more for less food when they eat an upscale dining location. They know that not only will the food taste good, but also they can expect a menu and a plated meal that will be appetizing before they even eat anything. When people eat at an upscale dining restaurant, they generally expect to pay around $30 per person. In fact, it averages out to around $28.55 for most fine dining meals in the United States.

It makes sense, then, that out of all the restaurants in the United States, only 10 percent of them are considered fine dining. Not enough people could afford to regularly visit an upscale restaurant with high prices. At the same time, people will continue to visit upscale dining restaurants for a unique experience every once in awhile. Last year alone, there was a three percent increase in the number of times people visited upscale restaurants.

One way to add colored food, a new food component and interesting plating to any meal is with the use of organic micro greens. Since there are more than 100 different types and varieties of edible flowers and plants that you can enjoy, the possibilities are also endless for what you can add to the plate. Chefs use a rating scale to decide whether or not organic micro greens are worthy to put on their plates. The scale ranges from one to five with one meaning the micro green is of poor quality and five meaning the micro green is of excellent quality. Generally, a chef will not use organic micro greens that receive ratings less than three.

It is not very easy to grow your own micro greens, though. It is difficult to get just the perfect temperature and the perfect environment to successfully grow micro greens that would pass the scale they are rated on. For that reason, it is probably best to purchase your micro greens and edible flowers at the store whenever you plan to add them to your meal or to the plating for an event.

Have you ever used microgreens in your plating? Have you ever eaten edible flowers? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on fine dining experiences and plating food.

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