Are You Preparing to Open Your Own Bakery?


If you love baked goods, you may want to look at the many bakeries that are in your local area to find your favorites. So many great baked goods are available today that it’s great to have the best cupcake bakery as well as a favorite bread bakery. If you aren’t sure about the bakeries in your area, you can look at the bakery web page of each of them to find out more about what they do and what they have to offer.

Many people like to shop from home for their bakery foods. For that, you need to figure out the best bread to order online for bakery delivery. The best online bakery website has plenty of choices for baked goods as well as making it easy to order them. It will also have information about delivery or shipment to your home. Finding a good bakery with online ordering is a great way to keep baked goods in your home whenever you want them. It can even help you to plan your meals in advance, knowing which breads you will have in your home each day. If you love all things baked, it’s time to try a few bakeries.

Meat cutting machine

The most appealing part of the space, other than the aroma, are the large color photographs.
The 30 inch by 36 inch color photos of the creations from your childhood are not exactly what the newest bakery in town specializes in, but these crunchy layered two, three, and four tiered cake photos are certainly inspirational.
You have spent the last months finalizing plans for this space and ordering just the right industrial dough mixer, the perfect dough rolling machine, and the ideal dough sheeter machine hoping that all of your clients will be as excited about planning and ordering their cake creations as you were when you were the young girl creating these photographed masterpieces.
It might be difficult for others to imagine, but at the age of three, your mother let you be the cake chef and put you in charge of all birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s, and any other celebration cakes that you could dream up. At this young age, of course, the steps simply included selecting the box mixes from the grocery store shelf so they were manageable for such young hands. After the box was selected, the frosting selection occurred. The final step was picking out the sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. And while many other mothers would have not dared to let their three year old bakers know something as messy as sprinkles existed, your mom let you select one or two new shakers for every creation.
Your mother was also the one who came up with the idea of creating crunchy layers of frosting between the thin sections of cake. Waiting to put sprinkles on the top of the cake took a lot of patience, and it was impossible to get the sprinkles to stick on the frosted sides, so it made sense to put those sugared crystals between the layers. And that, of course, is how your creations were always known as crunchy cakes!
Did You Have an Interest in Cooking and Baking at a Young Age?

In addition to learning to be an excellent sprinkler, you also learned to crack eggs, mix batter, and wash dishes. For your mom, it was always about the process, not the end product, so she always had several controls for error in place. You cracked the eggs into a separate bowl, for instance, so that you could always check for shells. She always put the bowls, spoons, and pans in the dishwasher after you had finished your washing and drying, so that everything was safe to use the next time. That part about the dishwasher, you have to admit, you never knew about until you were much older. The point is at a very young age your mother empowered you to bake and to create. A power that you still enjoy today.
You plan to sell mostly breads, muffins, and cheesecakes, but you hope the the crunchy cake photos on the wall will remind you that you love this career! Even on the days when you have to spend hours standing next to the industrial dough mixer and it seems to take forever to clean the spiral mixer and the dough roller machine you want the photos to remind you that this is something you love. Even on the hard days. Even on the days when you spend more time with that industrial dough mixer than you do with your husband.
You still remember that it takes 25 minutes to knead the cinnamon roll dough by hand when you make grandmother’s recipe, and you know the industrial dough mixer will do the same job much faster. You hope, however, that on some days you remember your mother’s mantra: cherish the process.
You will likely never have a client order a three tiered purple and pink checker board cake like the one in the largest photo in the bakery. And on the off chance that a client would select those cake colors, they will likely steer clear of a lime green frosting between layers. They will also avoid the yellow crunchy sugar crystals in those layers. But even if that colorful crunchy cake creation will never be a hot seller in your bakery, you are happy for the inspiration. Happy for the memory of those very first times when you were the cake chef!

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