Looking for a Caterer? These 7 Tips Can Help


Good caterers

If you are planning a big event, you want to get the right caterer. The food you serve for your function will have a big impact on its success. Good caterers can make your event truly spectacular. Finding the right caterer may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be. These tips can help you plan your event and get the right professional catering services company.

  1. Talk to your friends and family. You have been to catered events. You probably know people who can recommend good caterers. It is always a good idea to talk to your friends and family to get their suggestions for this. When two (or more) people recommend the same catering company, you know you are on the right path. You can also check Facebook. Many cities and towns have Facebook groups and pages set up so they can recommend local businesses. Check for good caterers there and you may be surprised at the results.
  2. Hire a company that responds to your inquiries. When you are planning a big event, you are going to want to ask questions about the catering. When you are talking to the different special event catering services companies, pay attention to how responsive they are and how willing they are to talk to you about your event and your concerns. If a company is not willing to take the time to talk to you before you hire them, you can be sure they are not going to take time to talk to you once you have become a customer.
  3. Ask what they know about your venue. Another big decision you have to make when you are planning a big function is where you will host it. If you have found the perfect venue, you are going to need to find good caterers who can work with the staff of the venue. If the caterer you select has never worked with the venue staff, it is still possible to use them and have your party at that site but it can be more challenging.
  4. Ask to try before you buy. One of the more fun parts of planning a big event like a wedding is the chance to sample the caterer’s offerings. All good caterers will allow you to schedule a tasting so you can see if their food is what you are going to want to serve. There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable asking events and catering to do this because they do not want to be a pain to the company but this is normal for catering companies. Ask about tastings and go someplace else if they refuse.
  5. Make sure they have done your kind of event before. The menu for a wedding reception is a lot different than it is for a Sweet 16 party or a family reunion. When you are talking to caterers, make sure they understand what kind of event you are throwing and that they have experience with it. This can make a big difference on game day and will lower your stress level throughout the planning.
  6. Get the menu you want. There are caterers out there who will not change any part of their menu for clients. This is not a good thing. If you need the company to change certain parts of the menu, they should be willing to work with you. This is really important if you have guests coming who have food allergies or religious preferences when it comes to their food. Remember, this is your party and you need to get the menu you want.
  7. Talk to a few catering companies. When you are looking to hire any kind of company to do contract work for you, it is best if you talk to at least three companies. This will give you a better sense of what your options are. You may go with the first caterer you talk to but you will feel better about your choice if you spoke with at least three.

Good caterers are not that hard to find but it may take some work to get the right one, it will be worth it in the end.

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