How to Plan the Perfect Team Building Event for Your Business



Is team building on your business to do list this year? Team building activities increase morale among employees and creates an environment of assistance, satisfaction, and productivity. Right now is a great time to plan this year?s team building activities. Keep these corporate planning tips in mind.

Choose a local team building venue

Team building venues can be anywhere. Many corporations choose to use the same buildings that also act as wedding venues. It is more important that you choose a location that is local to the majority of your employees. This is probably easy to choose if all of your employees are located in one local office. You would simply choose team building venues that are near the place of employment. This decision, however, can be more difficult for businesses that have multiple locations. In this case, you might choose something that is equal distance between the different offices.

Choose a date that everyone can attend

Most team building activities take place during the workday. Employees feel more obligated to attend during the workday and you are likely to have a higher turnout. However, you also don?t want to plan it on a day that certain departments are extremely busy. Avoid dates around holidays or work deadlines, as some of the higher level employees might not be able to make it.

Also, the more time in advance that you can give employees, the better. You won?t get many team building advantages if the majority of your team does not even show up. If you are using a wedding venue for your team building venues, avoid the busy wedding season, because you will pay a higher price for booking the venue. According to the Knot?s 2016 Real Weddings Study, the most popular months to get married are October (16%) and September (16%).

Cater food and drinks

Most team building events include a meal. This meal is usually lunch since it takes place during the workday, but it can also be breakfast. Choose a local catering and events company that can provide you with food, as well as the necessary utensils and supplies. You want something that is filling to give the employee?s energy for the team building activities, but you also don?t want something that is too filling that will make everyone feel sluggish and tired after eating.

Plan the team building activities

This is perhaps, the most important part of the planning. You are organizing and planning everything to build stronger teams within your business. You want to plan activities that are both entertaining and useful. Make sure you choose team building venues that can accommodate your activities planned. For example, if you have outdoor activities planned, you will need a large outdoor area. Fortunately, studies show that team building activities, regardless of what they are, show good results. Team building exercises can help employees feel connected to their employer. A Gallup study revealed that engaged employees could boost a company?s productivity performance by as much as 200% over a similar corporation with disengaged employees.

End the day with some fun

Your employees worked hard to engage themselves in the team building exercises. You worked hard to organize the entire event. End the day with some fun. This can be a DJ, a movie, or an unorganized happy hour event. Studies also show that employees enjoy corporate parties, even if they are at the team building venues. According to a survey of 3,600 job seekers from Career Network Beyond, 74% of respondents said that company holiday parties boost employee morale.

Team building is a goal of many businesses this year. Business owners are aware that team building can increase productivity and efficiency, thus also increasing sales. These tips will help you plan a team building event that has high attendance, successful results, and ensures that everyone has a good time too.

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