Are You Searching for the Best Mexican Restaurant in Town? Make Sure it Serves Authentic Cuisine!


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When you go out for Mexican food, you want to enjoy dining at the best Mexican restaurants. These are the ones with authentic Mexican cuisine, of course! While some restaurants may be dine-in only, others offer food to-go and catering services. This is definitely a welcome option when you have a favorite local Mexican restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious appetizers and dishes. The best Mexican restaurants will offer these meals and more!

You may be aware that Mexican food is the most popular international cuisine within the United States. Given this, it’s not surprising that 71.08% of households throughout the country have the ingredients to make Mexican appetizers, meals, and side dishes. There’s a good chance that quite a few fusion-style meals are being created in these kitchens as well!

Ketchup and mayonnaise, for example, were once at the top of the list for a few of the most-popular condiments. Salsa, however, has now taken first-place! Remember the hot dog bun? Tortillas have been outselling this former staple since 2010! If you haven’t ever rolled a tortilla around a hotdog and dunked it in salsa, you’re in for a treat.

There’s a large percentage of people that enjoy experiencing new flavors by tasting ethnic cuisines. Furthermore, they also want to experience bolder flavors along with unfamiliar foods and dishes. A recent survey showed that 75% of their participants were searching for new flavors, and roughly 66% wanted to experience bolder flavors and foods that were unfamiliar to them.

If you’re among the individuals that would like to explore new flavors, have you experienced the seven different types of mole yet? These sauces are originally from Oaxaca, and many people in the United States may only be aware of a few of them, such as the Rojo, or red mole, and the Verde, or green mole. Each type of mole contains unique ingredients and spices. And yes, some are bolder than others!

Have you experienced Tex-Mex yet? This fusion of Texan and Mexican flavor profiles and ingredients began to appear in the 1940s. This isn’t surprising, of course, as Texas does have a border close to Mexico. There are other parts of the United States where you can find unique fusion dishes, too.

There’s a good chance you’ve enjoyed a plate or two of enchiladas over the past few weeks. Using a tortilla as a wrap is linked to the Aztecs. The word, “enchilada,” which means, “in chile,” first began to be heard within the United States during the 1800s, or 1885, to be more exact. There are so many different types of enchiladas, of course. While some people prefer chicken or beef, others may prefer chicken, cheese, or anything else that can be rolled up in a tortilla and covered in chile!

Whether you have a long history of enjoying Mexican cuisine, or are just beginning to explore the best Mexican restaurants, there are so many excellent chefs preparing delicious menu items. Since you want to learn more about how to recognize authentic Mexican food, be sure to ask your server the next time you’re dining out at your favorite Mexican restaurant. There’s an excellent chance the chef will be able to recommend something you haven’t experienced before. This is just one more reason how you’ll know that you’re in the best Mexican restaurant in town!

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