Behind the Coffee Craze In The United States


From the coffee machine for the office to the local coffee store on your way to work, there are many ways that we as people living in the United States consume coffee on a regular basis. And there is certainly no doubt that we love coffee in all its forms. From iced coffee in the summer to mochas and espresso shots at all times of the year, coffee and even tea have become staples of the American diet. In fact, many of us feel that we need coffee to start our mornings – and to get through the rest of our days. Coffee is beloved by new parents and college students alike – as well as by everyone in between.

Fortunately for the majority of us who consume nearly two cups of coffee every single day, coffee has been found to have a number of measurable health benefits. For one, a single cup of coffee has nearly as much as two full grams of fiber. As many of us know well, fiber is instrumental for digestive health. Thus so, coffee is often used as a mild laxative and can help to maintain the overall health of digestive system. On a perhaps related note, coffee has also been found to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Colorectal cancer, for example, was found to be reduced in coffee drinkers who drank moderate amounts of coffee each day by as much as twenty six percent. And coffee consumption isn’t just beneficial for physical health – studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption can actually lower rates of depression and the risk of developing it in regular coffee consumers.

Perhaps more important than all of the above – and the true necessity for the coffee machine for the office – is how coffee consumption helps employees do their best work. There’s no doubt about it that the coffee machine for the office is required for the happiness of many office employees. A coffee machine for the office or the proximity to an office coffee vendor is a great way for employees to break up their days and take short breaks, which has actually been found to increase productivity, as those employees that take a short break every hour or so get more work done.

The use of a coffee company or a coffee machine for the office can also increase overall brain speed and functioning, as it has been found that those who drank specialty coffee or really any kind of coffee at all were able to recall words and phrases faster and for longer than their non coffee drinking counterparts. Studies and surveys have even shown that nearly half of all employed people in the United States find that coffee or another caffeinated beverage helps them to stay alert, focused, and productive while they are at work.

There’s no doubt about it that coffee is important to the busy lives and lifestyles that so many of us lead. Getting up for work every single day can be challenging and wearing, but coffee consumption can significantly help to make it more bearable and even enjoyable. Regular coffee consumption, from the coffee machine for the office or elsewhere, has been linked to a number of benefits, from health benefits such as the reduced risk of certain types of cancer to the benefits of increased productivity and job success. In the United States we need our coffee – and most of us would not want it any other way. Coffee becomes a pleasurable experience, a way to take a break, and a way to work better and faster than ever before.

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