Why Ice Cream is a Summer Staple


Ice cream has long been an American staple. It’s a popular kickoff to the summer months, and people everywhere in the United States love to eat it. Over 89% of households make ice cream cups a regular indulgence. In honor of ice cream and everyone who enjoys eating it, here are a few reasons why this treat remains popular across several generations.

There’s a Variety of Ways to Eat It

It doesn’t matter if you want ice cream cups of waffle cones, there are a variety of ways to have your favorite sweet treat. Some people want to save on calories or eat in something designed to catch the ice cream and choose paper ice cream cups to make life cleaner and easier. Others prefer the traditional touch that a cone offers, or don’t want to look for a place to throw trash away. No matter how you like to kick back and have fun during the summer you can, thanks to the variety of options out there.

There’s Almost a Million Flavors to Choose From All Year Long

Ice cream is a popular desert because it comes in so many different flavors. From mint to chocolate, strawberry to banana and even cotton candy, there are many different flavors you can choose to make your day complete. Although there are so many flavors to choose from, vanilla is still the most popular. That’s because you can customize it any way you want, with sprinkles, syrups, and fruit, and it never loses its classic taste. If you’re ever in doubt as to what type of frozen dessert to have, try a vanilla ice cream cup with any toppings you want, and you’ll be content no matter what time of the year it is.

It’s a Cool Treat During the Hottest Time of the Year

Because the summer gets so hot, it’s hard to find a treat that everyone enjoys, is sweet, fun to eat, and doesn’t leave you feeling overstuffed. That’s why ice cream is the perfect solution for those hot summer days. The average consumer in America will have ice cream at least 28 times in a year, if not more. Since summer is the most popular time to have ice cream, that translates to over an ice cream cup a week. There’s no reason not to kick back and indulge along with the rest of the country when you can have fun with many different flavors. Ice cream stands aren’t limited to just stores in the mall or on a strip either. Many places set up vendors, especially in high traffic areas like zoos, fairs, parks, and other outdoor attractions when people are outside and need a break from the heat. No matter where you are if it’s summertime, you can feel confident that there is an ice cream stand nearby waiting to set you up with the newest and best flavors.

Ice cream is a time-honored tradition that is popular all summer long. With a variety of flavors to choose from people can sample something new, or use toppings to create a flavor that is just right for them. ice cream stands are easy to find during the summer months. Just visit any outdoor attraction and it’s easy to see they are everywhere. There are many different ways to eat ice cream too, from cups to cones. No matter how you enjoy indulging, you can’t go wrong when you get to pick your own flavors and how it’s served on a hot summer day.

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