How to Use Microgreens On Your Plate


Microgreens may sound like tiny versions of your favorite vegetables, but they’re actually so much more than that. They’re a smaller form of edible greens. They’re usually produced from young vegetables, but may also be edible or crystallized flowers or herbs. This kind of specialty produce makes it easier to get more servings of vegetables or use them to create nice plating effects or decorations with your food.

So how can you use them? Well, there are lots of options. But one of the best ideas involves using them to get your children to eat more vegetables. Every adult knows that it can be hard to give your children a taste for this food group. Since microgreens can be a smaller version of regular vegetables, feeding your children a few of these smaller pieces is undoubtedly easier than trying to give them a spoonful of full-sized vegetables. The average microgreen is only about one to one and a half inches long. This also lowers the chance of your child choking on them, but if you still want to cut them up you can remove the stem or leaves. They can also have different textures compared to the regularly-sized vegetables which might make them more appealing to your children as well.

And they aren’t just good for kids. The addition of these into your own diet can help you be healthier too. You can add microgreens to salads for added nutrition, or use them as edible decorations when it comes to plating in upscale restaurants. If you’ve been to a fine dining establishment within the past decade you’ve probably seen them used as just that to enhance the visual appeal of the dish. Organic microgreens are visually appealing and chefs use that to their advantage in the kitchen.

Microgreens are also used in other kinds of decorating, particularly in baking. If you’ve ever seen a beautiful cake with edible flowers or crystalized flower petal decorations, then you’ve seen these in action. The crystallized flowers are particularly popular, such as crystallized pansy petals. Wedding cakes make great use of things like that, as they add a nice decorative touch. They could also use the same kinds of flowers that are in the bouquets or flower arrangements. Those crystallized pansy petals could be the finishing touch to tie it all together. Microgreens offer a lot of versatile options for you.

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