The Classic American Hub Why The Sports Bar Remains One Of The Most Popular Hang-Outs Today


What do customers remember most after going to a sports bar?

This is one question that can yield a hundred answers. The sports bar is a classic American hang-out, after all, and is the go-to spot for families and couples alike to spend time together. Because of so many different establishments promising the same memorable experience you need to go above and beyond the call to get people coming back for more. This could mean serving your city’s meanest cheeseburger, providing seasonal beer or switching up your decor for a more old-fashioned look. Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Don’t be! The sports bar is supposed to be fun and inviting, first and foremost, and all of that can be achieved with a little effort.

Today’s Thriving Restaurant Industry

You’ve picked the perfect time to ask what separates an average patty and bun from a gourmet burger. 2017 was a fantastic year for the restaurant industry, with estimates concluding it raked in nearly $800 billion in sales. The United States is home to more than one million restaurant locations, employing over 15 million people in jobs ranging from cooking to cleaning to marketing. By the time 2027 arrives? There will be over one and a half million new restaurant jobs created. What could you be offering a new worker by reinventing your sports bar?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Beer Culture

No sports bar is complete without a wide variety of delicious drinks. The American bar industry sold an impressive total of 195 million kegs of beer just last year. You can kill two birds with one stone by stocking up on your beer brands while offering a few limited-edition or local taps to get customers talking. A tasty hard cider for autumn? How about a delicious dark beer to celebrate the arrival of winter? It’s time to get creative with your specials and give your sports bar the sort of lively, passionate atmosphere that generates its own word-of-mouth.

Double-Check That Restaurant Decor

A good way to breathe new life into your establishment is to bring new furniture into your establishment. How are your leather seats looking? Are you trying to go for a more modern approach or do you want to embrace the old-fashioned portrayal of many American hang-outs? Sean’s Bar, considered the oldest recorded bar on the planet, was opened in the middle of Athlone in Ireland over 1,000 years ago. While you don’t have to go quite so far as becoming the biggest sports bar in history, getting rid of moldy furniture and adding a few new paintings can go a long way in encouraging positive buzz.

Reinvent Your Menu And Specials

What else do customers look forward to aside from a good drink and good times? You can’t go wrong with giving your menu a critical eye. Many sports bars today go for a classic all-American selection, including burgers, steaks, sandwiches, fries and salads. The American Nightlife Association estimated over 40% of the total sales share in the bar industry is from beer alone. Make sure your customers have something to help it all go down! It’s estimated Americans will spend over 12% of their annual income on food, so get creative to make sure they’re spending that at your bar.

Turn Your Sports Bar Into The Go-To Venue

The best restaurant cheeseburger doesn’t have to be located at a dine-in. It can be right at the downtown sports bar, ready to be served up with a tall glass of beer and a few hours of football. This year has seen both restaurant and general food service jobs equating to 12% of employment in the state of Florida alone, projected to grow to 15% by the time 2028 arrives. The sports bar remains a staple of the American weekend, giving many working American adults somewhere they can kick up their feet, relax and enjoy good company.

Give your customers something to remember. Beef up your menu, improve your beer selection and transform your look for a space that’ll never go out of style!

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