Bourbon, Beer And Wine Which Are The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks Among Millennials?


What kind of drink do you look forward to at the end of a long work week?

Is it a few cold dark beers from deep within your refrigerator that helps you finally unwind or is it a simple glass of red wine alongside your meal? Alcohol is just as varied as we are, able to supplement the best times and get us feeling loose. Bourbon, in particular, has a fascinating history that’s still going strong today. A staple of downtown nightlife and the favorite of many older adults, your future cocktail bar isn’t complete without a bottle or two. Before you stock up on spirits and wine, consider stocking up on some knowledge.

What makes the bourbon bar such an irreplaceable element of American alcohol culture?

Did You Know?

Whether it’s a frothy mug of beer at the bar or craft cocktails for a special occasions, you won’t have to look far to find someone who loves to drink. A recent study found around 15% of Americans love to drink beer once per week, with some imbibing more often at parties and gatherings. A 2016 survey also showed nearly 25% of respondents stating they had a cocktail outside of their home in the last three months. All alcohol has a unique and storied history, spanning across several countries and several hundred years.


What is it about a tall glass of wine that can bring out the best in any meal? Americans are avid consumers of the drink, with an average of 950 million gallons of wine being consumed in the United States back in 2016. Red wine remains a staple of many restaurants and homes, though white wine and rose wine have dedicated fanbases. Canned wine is making an interesting comeback in many grocery stores, ideal when you want something on the cheaper side while still getting a touch of class. What else should you stock your future cocktail bar with?


Beer and wine go hand-in-hand. Beer comes in so many different flavors and styles it can be a mean feat trying to categorize them all. You have the hard cider that brings out the best in autumn, dark beers that were made popular in Europe, red beer for special occasions and light ales for hot weather. An interesting survey found Millennials to be the most likely to try a new drink out of any age group. According to Technomic’s research, while nearly 10% of the general population tried a new drink recently, over 20% of Millennials did so.


The one and only bourbon bar. Born and raised in Kentucky, this state crafts over 95% of the world’s supply and is a powerful drink for the toughest constitutions. The year 2018 has already offered up some interesting information on the general attitudes toward drinking. One survey saw nearly 30% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 stating they drink whiskey and bourbon. To be considered bourbon the liquor needs to be no less than 51% corn mash. They are stored in glass bottles and are able to survive for over 100 years. Take that, wine!

Creating The Perfect Cocktail Bar

When crafting your bourbon bar it helps to have a little bit of everything. You never know which tastes are going to walk up and ask for service! According to a market report conducted in 2017 by the Distilled Spirits Council, sales of American whiskey and bourbon have increased by nearly 8%. That’s over $3 billion! Beer, wine and spirits can all be shuffled through depending on the season. Frothy, dark beers are great for wintertime, while sparkly vodka shots can make for irreplaceable summertime fun. When you need something to keep you warm during a long night, though…

…your bourbon bar has you covered. Get yourself a quality bottle and discover a new favorite this year.

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