How Reclaimed Wood Adds A Rustic Touch To Your Restaurant


Why Using Reclaimed Spruce Creates An Unforgettable Presence/b>

Reclaimed spruce creates a unique atmosphere in any environment its used in. Recently, there has been an increase in using reclaimed wood to create amazing, rustic furniture apparent in restaurants and homes—reclaimed wood tables and chairs create a relaxed dynamic through reusing reclaimed spruce for their intended design. Reclaimed spruce is also a better alternative than many other kinds of wood because it’s designed from reused wood from other structures; wood accounts for approximately 20-30% of construction and demolition waste, making reclaimed spruce extremely beneficial for preserving the environment. The massive number of trees we destroy for wood is the reason for the significant effects we’ve seen in habitats and climate changes. National Geographic states roughly 30% of Earth’s landmass is forests—The U.S has taken removed more than 3 trillion board feet of lumber since the 1900s. Hardwood trees that are cut down suffer the most, because regrowth takes anywhere from 40-60 years to fully mature, leaving many previous habitats inhabitable for several decades. Reclaimed wood is much more cost-effective and naturally worn to create a naturally based aesthetic desired by many businesses and homeowners.

Using natural reclaimed wood salvaged from other projects are sought after by many interior designers, furniture makers, and DIY-ers for artistic purposes in their homes or businesses. Reclaimed spruce was once thought as an undesirable material only used by the less-fortunate for housing—people eventually took an interest in reclaimed wood because of the rustic appeal it creates there is a sudden growth in the market, Pinterest gathered data that revealed nearly 14 billion searches are for home-looks, a category that grew 75% since 2017. Reclaimed spruce has become a new commodity, from restaurant table tops to reclaimed wood paneling; its uses are becoming versatile to benefit nearly an area.

Pros and Cons Of Reclaimed Wood

  • Pro: Reclaimed wood is cost-effective and abundant

  • Cons: It is much easier to get rotten pieces from of elemental factors or molding and insects.

  • Pros: Environmentally friendly, using reclaimed wood decreases the demand for newly sourced lumber, and in turns help deforestation. Reclaimed wood can also be a renewable source that reduces landfill waste and environmental hazards to produce new products.
  • Cons: If reclaimed wood is not purchased from a company that adequately sorts and processes their wood, there could be potentially dangerous such as nails or other organic matter.
  • Pros: Reclaimed woods has been proved to be up to 40 points harder than new wood, based on the Janka Hardness Scale because of their origins from older trees.
  • Cons: Companies that treat reclaimed wood may use highly toxic chemicals mixed with paints that could contain volatile organic compounds, insecticides, and even lead.
  • Pros: Reclaimed wood creates a rustic, almost story-like appeal to businesses and homes that newer woods cannot because the wood can be salvaged from barns, ships, crates, old buildings, pallets, and railroads
    Does Reclaimed Spruce Fit Your Restaurant’s Style?

    Reclaimed wood is perfect for setting a restaurant’s tone, and style—American’s use of older, salvaged wood might find its origins in China’s history, where The Pagoda of Fogong Temple was built in 1056, consisting of an all wood frame and stands at 221 feet tall. Consumers are more inclined to visit and revisit restaurants that give off a historical aura. Restaurants constructed with wood table tops or reclaimed wood restaurant tables make a much more significant impact when focusing on the aesthetics of businesses and understanding how much impact looks has on a customer’s decision—a barnwood table top could be the difference between a lifelong customer and a one-time by-passer. Of course, using reclaimed wood isn’t for every restaurant, knowing and adapting to the type of clientele you cater to is the most effective way of deciding if reclaimed wood is best in fitting to your business. The most fitting for older forms of wood would usually consist of pubs, bar, and grills, new-age BBQ eateries, or historically-focused establishments. Once you know your aim for your business venture, reclaimed wood can give you a one-up with competitors.

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