How Busy Is Your Kitchen This Holiday Season?


Having a winter wedding can be a challenge. Even when all of the plans are in place, the bride and the groom need to hope that the weather will also cooperate. From the ceremony itself to the reception and dance, many winter brides select one venue for all of the events so that the weather will cause the least number of interruptions. From mother’s of the bride who want a formal sit down dinner to brides and grooms who want nothing more than to serve their friends the favorite local pizza. No matter what kind of food you are serving, it is important to make sure that you are able to get your plans in place well in advance.

Holiday Baking and Food Plans Require Attention to Detail
This is the time of year when many of us feel overwhelmed with the baking and cooking that we need to do. In addition to menu planning for the company who will be at our homes for the holidays, many of us are baking as well. From family favorite cookies to creating home cooked goodies for family and friends, there are many ways that our kitchens are busier than any other time as the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations arrive.

Although we may think that we are busy at our homes, the fact of the matter is there are restaurants and caterers who are really burning the midnight oil. Whether they are preparing a meal for a large work Christmas party or catering a winter wedding celebration, these are the weeks were efficiency matters nearly as much as taste. Meeting deadlines and staying within a budget are the key to success for caterers who want to make sure that they end the year on a successful note.

From dough sheeters to the the best meat grinders, there are many industry specific tools that restaurants and bakeries rely on. Industrial mixer machines, for instance, allow professional chefs to create several batches of pizza dough at the beginning of a shift so that it can be used throughout the rest of the day. Meat tenderizer machines allow butchers to create many different cuts and kinds of meat for a specific kitchen or walk in customers. In fact, the quality of the machines that are used often determine the success of a restaurant or catering business. With the highest quality dough sheeter, for instance, there are many pizza companies that are able to not only serve to their clients in their restaurants, but also sell those same ready to bake products at local grocery stores.

Commercial restaurant equipment plays an important role in making sure that companies of all size achieve the success they want. The latest statistics indicate that annual sales in the restaurant industry now reach $783 billion. To get a literal slice of this pie, however, a kitchen must have the highest quality dough sheeters, meat grinders, and industrial mixers. As 67% of Millennial consumers indicate that they love ordering healthy options at a restaurant there will likely continue to be an even bigger shift toward fresh ingredients prepared onsite.

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