Use Large Meat Tenderizers to Make Your Food Stand Out


Meat has made a comeback. There are many popular diets built around eating meat, and now gluten is the new food that no one wants to eat. Red meat, white meat, and meat of all kinds has become a hot restaurant item again. Use large meat tenderizers to make your meat tastier, easier to work with, and it can help you make your meat stretch a little farther.

How Large Meat Tenderizers Work

Large meat tenderizers are designed to break down the enzymes in meat, making it softer and more pliable. This makes the meat much easier to cut and chew. Even tougher cuts of meat can become tasty menu additions with the right tenderizer. With a good tenderizer, much more meat is usable and many more portions can be sold. That means less waste and more profit, and isn’t that the goal of every restaurant?

Restaurants have multiple options for tenderizing meat. Some spice mixtures are made for tenderizing, but you can also turn to equipment to get the job done. An industrial meat tenderizer or electric meat tenderizer will literally work the meat to soften it up. This way, you can use the meat cutter to slice up different cuts of steak and other entree-worthy pieces of meat that will be savored and enjoyed.

Large meat tenderizers made for restaurants are an efficient and effective way to tenderizer even big pieces of meat. There are many different models available when you’re looking for a commercial meat tenderizer. A commercial meat grinder makes it possible to use even the scraps and leftover cuts of meat. This is a great way of reducing waste and maximizing kitchen profits.

Popular Proteins

Around 34 percent of all Americans go to casual dining restaurants once a week to eat out. Annual sales in the restaurant industry have reached $783 billion. This is a big, booming business, and right now meat is a hot commodity in restaurants. Lean meats of all types are highly in demand. Make sure it’s well-prepared and properly cooked, and people will keep coming back for more. In 2018, more than 200 million people in the U.S. went to a sit-down restaurant at least once.

Rabobank, the research and advisory firm, projected that meat consumption would reach levels of more than 200 pounds a year, per capita, in 2018. Among millennial customers, 67 percent said they love ordering healthy options when dining out at a restaurant. Today’s healthy options include lean meats paired with vegetables. Process vegetables easily with a processor to provide a variety of plant-based sides to go with different cuts of meat. Use seasonal vegetables to provide fresh, healthy options. Choosing seasonal veggies is something that can be featured on the menu.

Get the Right Commercial Restaurant Equipment

A high-quality large meat tenderizer, commercial dough mixer, meat cutter, commercial-grade meat grinder, and vegetable processor will turn any restaurant into a well-oiled machine with little waste and lots of quality product to provide. The right restaurant equipment makes all the difference in how all the food tastes.

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