Purchasing a New Or Used Reefer Trailer


UPDATED 7/10/20

The United States is home to a vast manufacturing sector and many farms, but all of the related goods need to be transported somehow to and from warehouses and factories. This is where the carrier industry comes in, where larger companies can offer huge naval ships that export goods to ports all around the globe, many tons at a time. Freight trains can deliver huge amounts of goods by land, and jets can make very fast deliveries over any type of terrain. Meanwhile, what about semi trucks? These vehicles are much smaller and cheaper than jets or trains, and thus, many carrier companies can afford to buy entire fleets of them. Such trucks can carry goods across the many roads in the nation, and are not bound by rails or ports. A truck carrier company owner, for their part, will always keep an eye out for new trailer or truck units to expand and upgrade their fleet, and they have access to many financing options. When it’s time to find new reefer trailers for sale, or choose a used reefer, what should a buyer look for? Looking to buy semi truck trailer is a major investment and the decisions need to be taken deliberately. When looking into trailer sales, it’s important to determine new tractor trailer prices compared to the cost to buy used truck trailer. You’ll have to consider your needs and your budget.

The Business of Reefer Trailers

Fortunately, any carrier company looking for new reefer trailers for sale, or gently used reefer trailers for sale, is getting into a popular and lucrative business. New tractor trailer prices are very favorable to the seller, even for used reefer trailers. Around 99% of all businesses in the United States are small ones (having under 500 employees), and many of these are truck carrier companies. Though they can’t afford jets or ships, they can buy trucks and trailers, including reefer units and refrigerated semi trailers. But what is a reefer trailer? And what is a refrigerated trailer? A reefer trailer is typically a refrigerated semi trailer that boasts insulated walls and air conditioning units to maintain a cool internal temperature to protect the goods inside. As such, a refrigerated trailer and a reefer refrigerated trailer are often the same thing. Such transport truck and trailers vary in size somewhat, with the smallest being 28 feet long and the largest being some 53 feet in length. The heaviest ones may weigh in at 44,000 pounds, and the largest reefer trailers may be up to 13.5 feet tall. These trailers are comparable in size to a new storage container for sale, like those typically used for international cargo shipping. But reefer trailers are a little bit cooler. Literally. Inside, they can chill the air to anywhere from -20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, to carry a variety of temperature-sensitive cargo safely. Often, such cargo is frozen foods, dairy, and meats for grocery stores.

This is a big market, and it’s still growing even today. Today in the United States, just over 500,000 such transport truck and trailers are in operation, and more and more of them are being ordered every single year. Meanwhile, the overall market for reefer trailers is growing, and in 2015, it was worth around $5 billion. Estimates say that this market will grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2016 to 2022, to hit a value of $7.65 billion by 2022. It is clear, then, that any carrier company owner looking for new reefer trailers for sale can invest in a new trailer for excellent returns, should they handle their finances correctly.

Financing Wholesale Reefer Units

Modern, new reefer trailers for sale can be found online, and a carrier company owner can research 18 wheeler trailer types at local sellers when they are ready to expand their list of clients to include those that need cold items delivered, such as grocery stores. As for what to buy, buyers should note that new reefer trailers for sale are the most expensive, but they are also in perfect condition and have modern safety and performance features and standards, and they will come with factory warranties, too. Meanwhile, buyers on a budget can buy used refrigerated trailer models, though this also involves looking over those reefers in person to check for problems. The reefer might have maintenance needs for its wheels and axles. A truck and trailer package for sale may also be the bargain your business needs. Ask for truck and trailer packages for sale while at semi trailer dealers and see what values are there.

How to finance a trailer? New tractor trailer prices are high and big banks are reluctant to approve loans to small and risky lenders like carrier company owners, but specialized truck lender firms will have more lenient and flexible terms. Such a lender will look into a borrower’s history for any red flags, and a borrower with good credit may get as much as 100% of the trailer’s value in a loan (and at a low interest rate). Even lenders with mediocre to poor credit may get approved for loans, though with less favorable terms. Either way, the trailer itself will serve as collateral for that loan, making it a secured loan.

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