AG Lime Deliveries The Process From Tree To Grocery


Freshwater creek farms have been one of our consistent clients, using our Agricultural lime (ag lime) for the 6th year running. As a result, they have a beautiful farm with a variety of trees and shrubs, producing a healthy crop of fruits including figs and mangos. In this video, you can see the process of ag lime deliveries which ensures that the lime is delivered conveniently to your farm.

You may be wondering what difference lime makes to the soil.

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Lime originates from the limestone rock, rich in nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Lime is also highly alkaline, which helps dilute the acidity of your soil. Most fruits and vegetables thrive in alkaline soil. Alkaline soil absorbs water easily. With improved water penetration, your plants stay hydrated. Poor crop yields may be a result of acidic soil.

Furthermore, to be sure, you can test the pH of your soil using a soil kit which should be available at your local garden store. Collect soil samples from different spots for an accurate assessment.

Conclusively, you can also send the soil samples to a lab for a comprehensive analysis. Do you want to experience the nourishing benefits of lime on your farm? Limbe is only a call away to attend to young ag lime deliveries.

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