Spice Up Your Summer Grilling With Salsa


Salsa to go

What is salsa? You can probably think of many examples of salsas you’ve had, but there’s some disagreement over whether it’s a dip, a condiment, a sauce or even a salad. In terms of its applications, salsa can fulfill all these roles, depending on what kind you’re using. It’s not hard to choose a salsa for dipping — just open a jar of your favorite classic mild salsa dip and dig in with crispy tortilla chips. But if you’re looking for something more refined, you might want to explore the latter three sides of salsa. They’re all delicious, low in calories and pair well with classic summer foods prepared on the grill. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Grilled Fish With Spicy, Chunky Salsa Verde

    Especially if you’re looking for a healthy dinner option, it doesn’t get better than grilled fish. But some fish (especially the firmer varieties that tend to grill well without falling apart) can be a little lacking in flavor. You can change that by topping each filet with a spoonful of fresh salsa made with tomatillos and peppers.

  • Chicken or Pork Skewers With Pureed Salsa

    Skewer-cooked meat has a great grilled flavor, but it can get dried out very quickly (especially if you’re using chicken). Instead of dipping skewers in barbecue sauce to deal with that dryness — adding loads of sugar and calories — try dipping in a smooth, pureed salsa instead. You’ll get tons of flavor but stay much healthier.

  • Salad-Style Salsa With Blackened Burgers

    If you’re looking to use salsa a little more substantially, try a Southwestern salsa on the side of some classic burgers. The corn and beans that form the base can make these salsas very hearty, so add in some veggies of your own and you’ve got a quick and easy salad.

What else is salsa good with? The real question should be what is salsa not good with! Share your favorite recipes using salsa in the comments.

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