Hummus – the Variety of a Lifetime


Red pepper hummus

Hummus. What do you think of when you hear the word? Flavorless? Bland? Generally unappealing? That is what I used to think also, until I visited a Greek restaurant that served the hummus in such a way that I wanted to order just the hummus for my main meal! Then, of course, I had to go home and find more delicious and healthy hummus dip recipes; now I’m hooked. I’m going to share with you five reasons why you should bring on the hummus!

    1. It’s healthy
    Yes, hummus is indeed good for you! We all are beginning to understand the dire need to be healthy. Canada’s Food Guide states that one Food Guide serving of meat can actually be replaced with three-fourths of one cup of hummus, because of its great protein content.

      2. Great appetizer Hummus is a fantastic party appetizer that is not messy or drippy. There are so many flavors of hummus out there, you are sure to find one or two that everyone can enjoy, whether it be served as dips or spreads, in a deviled egg recipe, or in a cucumber cup recipe. Speaking of parties, Canada celebrates more than 15 holidays per year — what better time to experience healthy hummus recipes?

        3. It’s easy Easy to buy, easy to make, easy to eat. Simply put, hummus is a fast and easy appetizer.

          4. You’d be supporting your local market. Most healthy hummus recipes are made out of chickpeas. Worldwide, Canada is in the top five of the exportation of chickpeas.

            5.The variety There are so many different ways to make a healthy hummus recipe, so many hummus brands if you prefer to buy, and a multitude of ways to serve it. Some are mentioned earlier in the article but just look up healthy hummus recipes and you will see how many there really are — a flavor for every type of person. It’s one of the only foods I can think of that can be made in nearly any flavor you can think of and at any time of day with any meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks!

            Now that you are a little more informed, how and when would you prefer your hummus? My favorite is the garlic roasted hummus recipe as a pre-lunch appetizer!

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