Did You Know 10% Of All Milk Made In The US Goes To Ice Cream?


Paper ice cream cups with lids

What draws so many demographics to the sweet succulence of ice cream and frozen yogurt? Maybe it’s the wide variety of flavors that keep people coming back for more. Perhaps it’s because cold and sweet is the perfect combination for a busy and hot day. Whatever the reason, it helps to have the proper frozen yogurt supplies to entice customers to stop on buy and cure whatever is ailing them. Keep reading as I list off some fun facts about ice cream, the industry at large and useful supplies for your store or chain!

Ice Cream Industry

Did you know almost 10% of all milk produced by the U.S. dairy industry goes straight to making ice cream? That equals hundreds of thousands of gallons every year! It’s estimated that as much as 40% of Americans will eat ice cream every two weeks at cafes, family-own shops and grocery stores across the country. With over 2,000 frozen yogurt stores available at the end of 2013, there’s no shortage of options for cold treat lovers!

Making Ice Cream

Every country and culture has their own way of making ice cream. Ice cream in America usually contains over 50% air once it’s done churning, while gelato (originating in Sicily, Italy) contains around 30% air. Japan is quickly becoming well-known for their famously creamy soft-serve ice cream, available everywhere from street-side vending machines to the average cafe. The most popular flavors remain vanilla and strawberry, though pistachio and coffee are beloved niche choices.

Supplying Your Store

Part of ice cream’s appeal lies in its packaging, ranging from colored spoons to appealing frozen dessert cups and cones. Tasting spoons are a must to let customers try the variety of flavors on display while having a little fun in the process. Different size ice cream cups are ideal for customers on the go and waffle bowls are the perfect in-store treat. Keeping the proper frozen yogurt supplies on hand will ensure that everyone leaves your store happy!

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